Our Story

Conducting global e-commerce should be accessible, transparent and profitable.

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains of the United States, GeoRiot co-founders Jesse Lakes and Jesse Pasichnyk shared many things in addition to the obvious: a love of the great outdoors, a weakness for extreme sports, an interest in discovering new music and using technology to improve lives. Fast forward several years, and upgrade from the dial-up Internet, and Lakes and Pasichnyk are still on a mission to stir things up.

Just like old times...

GeoRiot was born in early 2009, initially as a spin off from one of the team's many earlier endeavors - creating extreme sports soundtrack websites (www.skimoviemusic.com, www.ridertunes.com, www.surfertunes.com) using the iTunes Affiliate Program and the Amazon Associates Program. GeoRiot was founded on the basic principle that affiliate marketing should be profitable and accessible on a global scale. Unfortunately, at the time it was anything but. In fact, when it came to earning commissions from those international sales, the Internet was simply, broken.

You see, to combat (international tax laws, digital rights licensing, etc) international brands (such as Apple or Amazon) create regional or country-specific storefronts. When affiliate marketing programs were brought online to support these storefronts, the problem compounded. The result is the current mess of storefront specific links, lost affiliate revenue and broken user experiences leaving unhappy customers spanning from the North Pole to the South Pole, and every which way in between.

This Riot is twofold.

We're raising awareness of the fact that every day, Internet marketers, app developers and record labels are unknowingly losing commissions and customers to the war on broken links.

We're challenging the outdated notion that you use a single affiliate program at a time and ignore your international audience.

The best part?

Unlike most other riots, no one gets hurt, no buildings are vandalized or governments overthrown. Instead, we predict Zen-like peace and calm as our clients come to realize their affiliate campaigns are more profitable than ever, they are part of a paradigm shift in affiliate marketing, and helped overturn one of the biggest problems facing the industry over the last decade.

GeoRiot, making the Internet a better place, one click at a time.

Join the Riot.

The Founding Team

Jesse Lakes

An entrepreneur at heart, Jesse has been finding a way to "get it done" since childhood. As a child, Jesse accompanied his father to work just so that he could peruse the early Internet with a few extra mbps behind him. In 2009 he and lifelong friend and GeoRiot co-founder, Jesse Pasichnyk, launched a series of extreme sports soundtrack websites that utilized the iTunes and Amazon affiliate programs. The project was a success, and it became clear that they had built a tool that other Internet marketers would benefit from using and later that year he went on to author the first book on the iTunes Affiliate Program, Mastering the iTunes Affiliate Program. The publication caught the eye of the team at One Infinite Loop and shortly thereafter Lakes packed up his gear to take up residence in The Valley as global manager of the iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program.

When he's not working to put an end to geo-fragmentation, you're likely to find Jesse challenging Mother Nature either on the water or in the mountains.

Jesse Pasichnyk

An eight year veteran of the Redmond Giant, Jesse wrote his first code at the age of 12 and went on to earn his Computer Science degree at the University of Montana. In addition to GeoRiot, he co-founded Niftytricks, Ion Solutions and Ski Movie Music with lifelong friend Jesse Lakes. In addition to tech, he's passionate about the outdoors (seeing a pattern here?) and his sport of choice: snowboarding.

Shannon M. McGuire

After earning her BS in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University, Shannon spent the first part of her career as a government contractor. We can't tell you more than that or we'd have to kill you. (Seriously.) Whatever it is that Shannon did worked, because it landed her a spot on the prestigious iTunes engineering squad where she stayed until she parted ways to join GeoRiot. Besides engineering it up, Shannon loves the outdoors (are you seeing a theme here?). In particular skiing, running and mountain biking. In addition, she is the resident caretaker of GeoRiot's office dogs Jack and Daisy.

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