Mind the (Purchase) Gap

Online commerce has become a goliath and thanks to technology, it's much easier to reach audiences all over the world. This presents an amazing opportunity for anyone promoting or selling products internationally.

iTunes Error.

What users see if they click a link outside of their local storefront.

However, there are some hurdles to overcome:

  • Often times stores and content are country, device, or operating system specific. Sending someone to the wrong destination means a lost conversion.
  • Example: Global stores like Amazon and iTunes are actually separate, country or region-specific storefronts, each typically with their own accounts, language, and currency. So, sending Android users to buy items from the iOS App Store, or sending a US user to amazon.de results in low conversions and can often times lead users to an error message.

  • If you're utilizing affiliate programs like the Amazon Associates Program, you may be only earning commissions from a single storefront and not from any international sales.

All of these issues add up to create something we call the Purchasing Gap, which is the rift between the product you're promoting and where each individual person wants to purchase.

On top of the Purchasing Gap, there are other issues when promoting an item online that can cause your marketing to fail:

  • Having no insight into your marketing campaigns. "Raw" product URLs won't tell who clicked your links, how many clicks you received, or if any of your links actually triggered a sale.
  • When your promotions go live to the world and you're using a raw link, it can't be edited. If the link is wrong, or changes for any reason, that campaign is worthless.
  • Generally, you can only add retargeting pixels to web pages like your site or blog, and not to your links around the web.
It's a lot to overcome, but we've got your back. Learn how.

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