Lost in Translation: The Global Problem For App Developers

With the prolific growth of the App Store, the global potential for cross promoting your apps or marketing music, TV shows, books or movies from within your app is huge.

At GeoRiot, we help app developers like you maximize your global affiliate revenue. To do that, we help you overcome a major obstacle: geo-fragmentation.

Geo-fragmentation is a common issue for international brands selling digital goods and it creates two significant challenges.

First, international e-tailers, like iTunes, the App Store and Amazon, have their own, independent affiliate programs that track and credit affiliate revenue. For example, the iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program is really a combination of affiliate programs across 127 countries, currently managed by two separate affiliate networks. To ensure you're getting full credit for your referrals, you have to sign up for the right programs and use the right links for every country.

Simply using a single affiliate program means you will earn commissions only in a single country or region, leaving money on the table from the rest of your global click traffic.

These same e-tailers segment their online stores into region-specific storefronts with distinct product IDs. This may inevitably cause some of your visitors to get an error message, instead of the content they want, when they click through to the e-tailer's site from a link in your website, app, or social post.

Let's look at a real-world example.

Emma buys your lite app from the App Store in London, and loves it. She decides to buy the paid version of the app and clicks the link you strategically added to your lite app. Emma is sent to the UK App Store and goes on to buy your paid app. Later on that day, Emma goes on a shopping spree and buys some music, TV shows, and a few more apps. She's happy. But, if you're not signed up for the UK affiliate program, you just missed out on the commissions you could have earned for all of her purchases.

Now, imagine that scenario playing out around the world with millions of shoppers. It's easy to see why geo-fragmentation leads to substantial missed revenue for app developers.

For every click on a GeoRiot link, our service solves both geo-fragmentation issues, auto-magically.

First, we determine where the user is coming from.

Second, we localize your links to reference the relevant product ID in the appropriate international store, for each visitor. That helps you close the sale by ensuring the user isn't greeted with an error message.

Third, we encode the new, local link with the correct country-specific affiliate tracking parameters. This ensures you get full credit for the traffic you're sending.

We'll even help you sign up for the corresponding affiliate programs to make sure you are not leaving money on the table.

With GeoRiot, there are no busted links, no missed sales, and no lost commissions - nothing is lost in translation.

Learn more about the GeoRiot service and get started today.

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