The Purchasing Gap for Mobile Apps

It doesn't matter if you're an app developer, promoter, or a site dedicated to helping people discover the best/newest/most unique apps, your end goal is likely the same - to convert clicks into purchases.

The Problem

But how do you bridge the Purchasing Gap to increase the likelihood of your traffic going through with the purchase? There are endless combinations of devices, operating systems, and countries that your traffic can use to click your links, and it's nearly impossible to make unique links for each scenario. If you do attempt this, it will start to look really confusing, really fast.

Alternatively, in places like social media, you have a very limited amount of space to promote your items, which makes it hard to capture your entire audience.

Here's a Tweet with no "buy" links, even though the app is available in multiple stores. That means no sales from this Tweet!

The Complications

If you're marketing apps that are available on multiple devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids, Kindles, and Nooks, how do you route your traffic to the appropriate purchase destination?

If you're marketing apps that use different IDs per country or region, how do you get your international audience to their local storefronts? Here's an example from EA's app lineup:

Item Storefront Link
Tetris (US) iTunes
Tetris (CA) iTunes
Tetris (UK) iTunes
Tetris (US) Amazon
Tetris (CA) Amazon
Tetris (UK) Amazon

If you're using affiliate programs for iTunes or Amazon, how do you make sure your country specific parameters are used correctly to make those sales?

The Solution

GeoRiot solves all of those issues with a single Genius Link. Our links can be routed differently based on the user's location, device and operating system, which ensures every click makes it to the best purchase destination (with your affiliate parameters attached). With Genius Links, your customer ends up with the shiny new app you're promoting, and you end up with some money in your pocket. Everyone wins.

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