Lost in Translation: The Global Problem For Media Publishers

With the prolific expansion of iTunes and Amazon internationally it's never been easier to reach new audiences and easily sell your products.

Further, with the robust affiliate programs offered by these international brands, the opportunity to earn commissions on top of your royalty payments has never been easier.

At GeoRiot, we help both major and indie record labels, authors, film producers, TV studios and other traditional media publishers, maximize an additional revenue stream for an activity they are already doing - marketing their content on iTunes or Amazon. To do that, we provide a unified affiliate linking service that helps you overcome a major obstacle: geo-fragmentation.

Geo-fragmentation of international brands (like iTunes or Amazon) selling goods causes two challenges for media publishers: country specific stores and country-specific affiliate programs.

First, international e-tailers, like iTunes, the App Store, and Amazon create separate, country-specific storefronts, each with distinct product IDs. As a result, click traffic that you direct to the e-tailer may be getting error messages instead of an opportunity to purchase the desired content you featured in your website, app or social post.

Second, storefronts in many countries have their own affiliate programs that track affiliate revenue. For example, iTunes and the App Store have separate online storefronts in 155 countries and 127 of these storefronts have affiliate programs. To ensure you're getting full credit for your referrals, you have to sign up for the right programs in the right countries.

Let's look at a real-world example.

Jack visits your website from London, and finds a tune he loves. He clicks the link, planning to go buy the song. Jack is automatically directed to the UK iTunes Store. Problem is, the product ID referenced by your link is a US iTunes Store product ID, and it doesn't match the product ID in the UK store. So, instead of the song he wants, our English friend gets a big, fat error message. He isn't pleased. And you probably lose a sale. But let's say, that by some twist of fate, Jack searches for the song on his own, buys it, and then goes on to buy eight other songs from the album, five apps, two books and a movie. He's happy. But, if you're not signed up for the UK affiliate program, you just missed out on the commission you should have earned for those 17 purchases.

Now, imagine a similar scenario playing out in over 150 countries with millions of shoppers. It's easy to see why geo-fragmentation is a real problem for media publishers.

GeoRiot solves geo-fragmentation issues, auto-magically. First, we globalize your links to reference the right product ID in the right international store for each visitor. That helps you close the sale. And second, by globalizing your link correctly, we ensure you get full credit for the shoppers you're sending to the e-tailer. We'll even guide you through signing up for the corresponding affiliate programs to make sure you receive the revenue you earn.

Thanks to GeoRiot, there are no missed sales, no busted links, no commissions left on the table. Nothing is lost in translation.

Learn more about the GeoRiot service and get started today.

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