The Purchasing Gap for Music

If you manage a big time musician, are an indie artist, do marketing for a record label, or are just trying to share your love of music with others, chances are you're using links to iTunes and Amazon. On top of that, you're probably using the Amazon Associates and iTunes Affiliate programs to earn money off of your referrals. If not, you should be.

However, if you have an international audience, or promote music in both of the world's largest storefronts, you're probably having an issue bridging the Purchasing Gap - and you may not even know it.

The Problem

If you're marketing music that spans across multiple countries, regions, or devices, how do you get your audience to their local device specific storefronts in order to consume the content you're promoting?

If you don't personalize those links, there's no way to ensure your consumers can make consume your content with their existing account, in their country's currency, and from a page that they can read and understand.

Item Storefront Link
Adele - 21 (US) iTunes
Adele - 21 (CA) iTunes
Adele - 21 (UK) iTunes
Adele - 21 (US) Amazon
Adele - 21 (CA) Amazon
Adele - 21 (UK) Amazon

Due to digital rights licensing, you can only purchase digital tracks from the country where your credit card is based, so international listeners are unlikely to purchase from any country but their own.

Or, if you're using affiliate programs for iTunes or Amazon, how do you make sure you are using the correct affiliate parameters to earn commissions from those international sales?

Did you know?

Amazon has a different affiliate programs per storefront. Leverage all of them to earn commissions from your international audience.

The Solution

Luckily, GeoRiot has a solution to all of those questions in the form of a single link. Our Genius Links can be routed differently based on a listener's location, device, and operating system, or you can manually decide the final endpoint. This ensures every click makes it to the appropriate purchase destination with your affiliate parameters attached so your customer ends up exactly where they want. They can then enjoy some new tunes in their headphones, and you end up with some money in your pocket. Everyone wins.

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