Bridging the Purchasing Gap

Whether you're marketing apps, music, books, or physical goods in the world's largest online stores, the Purchasing Gap has stood in the way of maximizing your true earning potential. GeoRiot solves that problem.

How, you ask? Easy. We give you the ability to create links that work across devices, countries, operating systems, and stores to improve the experience for both the end user and you, the marketer. Ultimately, this boosts the monetization opportunity of every link to put a smile on your consumer's face, and more coin in your pocket.

Improve Conversions by Improving User Experience.

With iTunes and Amazon's storefronts being separate per country or region, there's unfortunately no such thing as a global iTunes or Amazon link - a problem we call Geo-Fragmentation.

Luckily, GeoRiot solves the fragmentation with our Genius Links. Each click delivers the user safely to the intended item in their local storefront for a higher chance of conversion.

How we do it:

  • Genius Backend. Patented technology to translate links in the iTunes, App Store, and Amazon ecosystems, with support for more stores to come.
  • Worldwide Linking. We geo-target, translate, then affiliate every link in less than a second. This ensures the best user experience possible even as content becomes available (or IDs change) in other parts of the world.

Link Management Done Easy.

With the massive shift towards mobile purchasing, and online retailers expanding globally through country and region-specific storefronts, it becomes harder to point each individual consumer to the best place for them to purchase items. Users on different devices, or different countries get a poor user experience with raw links, which could mean a lost sale.

But don't worry, GeoRiot has you covered. We give you the power to create targets based on individual scenarios, so there's no more "one size fits most" links, and no more cluttered pages full of "Buy here" buttons to confuse your users. Regardless of if they're an iPad user in Germany, or an Android user in Japan, they'll get to the best possible destination, tailored just for them.

How we do it:

  • Simple workflows. Add a product link from iTunes or Amazon and we'll provide you a globalized version that automagically finds the best match in each of the individual geographical storefronts.
  • Dynamic Targets. Create scenarios based off country, device, operating system, or date to route traffic to different destinations for an even more customized experience.
  • Superior Link Management. Edit links after they've been published to change destinations, or add even more customization to how traffic is routed.
  • Excellent Organization. Group your links and tracking information to oversee of all your marketing efforts and campaigns.

Marketing with a Genius.

The best way to learn about your consumer's buying habits is by listening to them. Wouldn't it be nice if every click told you a little more about your users' behaviors?

We've got you covered with our best-in-class actionable reporting. We combine information from the click and link with the data from the affiliate programs' reporting to provide you knowledge, which can then be used to make smarter marketing decisions and further increase future conversion rates.

How we do it:

  • Seamless Integration. Connect your PHG and Amazon reporting data back into GeoRiot for a single place to view all clicks, affiliate programs, and links.
  • Comprehensive Reporting. See details like total clicks, commissions, Earnings Per Click, and relative conversions across seven metrics at three levels of granularity.

Affiliates Earn More.

Signing up for the Amazon Associates and iTunes Affiliate Program means you earn money from something you're already doing - sending people to the Amazon and iTunes storefronts. However, Amazon's Associate Programs are unique per geographical storefront, so you need to sign up for each to fully monetize your international traffic. But how do you attach multiple affiliate parameters to each link?

We've got a solution for you here, too. Helping you earn those international commissions, and increase your Earnings Per Click across the board is a core feature of GeoRiot's Genius Links.

How we do it:

  • Affiliate Automation. Add and manage your Amazon and iTunes affiliate parameters in the GeoRiot dashboard and we'll automatically assign the correct ones based off the consumer's location.
  • Additional control. Assign override affiliate parameters per group for even more control.

Start Your Commission Liberation.

Now it's your turn to become the best marketer you can be. Sign up for GeoRiot for free, and unleash your true marketing potential. There's zero out of pocket cost, we never ask for a credit card, and we offer completely free support from a real human any time you need.

How you do it:

  • Create a GeoRiot Account.
  • Sign up for every possible international affiliate program for iTunes and Amazon.
  • Add your affiliate parameters to the GeoRiot dashboard.
  • Create Genius Links for any item you're promoting.
  • Review detailed reports about each click to make more informed decisions.
  • Rinse and repeat until you're a marketing genius - just like your links.
Test GeoRiot's full toolset, completely free for 30 days.
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