How GeoRiot Works

Major e-tailers like iTunes and Amazon create unique, localized storefronts for the countries they do business in. For example, iTunes and the App Store have 155 different international storefronts. So when a visitor from Australia clicks a link to a tune on your website hosted in, let's say, Germany, he or she is automatically sent to the storefront for Australia. So far, so good.

The problem is that each country storefront has distinct product IDs for everything in its library. So the product ID for Australia may not match the one your links reference for Germany. If not, the Australian visitor is presented with an error message rather than the product he or she was looking to buy.

We call this "geo-fragmentation." The shopper can't buy through your link. And you don't get credit for referrals.

GeoRiot solves the geo-fragmentation problem. Our engine auto-magically translates your link to ensure it references the correct product ID in the international visitor's storefront. By enabling him or her to buy the product, we ensure you get credit for commissions on the subsequent purchases he or she makes.

With GeoRiot:

  • International visitors who click your link (on a website, in a social post, through an app, or ad) are instantly sent to the right product in the right store, rather than an error message.
  • Visitors can buy the product, and you get credit for the sales you generate for the e-tailer.
  • Links are auto-magically updated, so you never need to tinker with them, even if the e-tailer changes the ID on their end.
  • A single dashboard consolidates reporting across all products, platforms and affiliate programs in the system for easy account management.
  • There are no contracts, credit cards, or bills to pay.
  • You get our cheat sheets for Amazon Associates, PHG, and Tradedoubler to help you get signed up and making money fast! Please note: As of October 31st, 2013, links no longer affiliate with DGM and Linkshare, as those countries have been moved to PHG. In addition, as of April 1st, 2014, links will no longer affiliate with Tradedoubler, as these countries will be moved to PHG as well.

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