Case Studies

Surf City Apps

CJ de Heer began developing mobile apps for his company, Surf City Apps, in 2013. Having learned about GeoRiot, an affiliate link globalizing service, earlier that year, he released his first apps, (two free games by the name of Monster Prison Break, and Fairy Pop) with a "Tweet For Coins" social feature built around GeoRiot links.

In September of 2013, de Heer enlisted the services of AskingPoint, a mobile app analytics platform that provides developers with tools to boost their reach and better engage users. De Heer had an idea for using this feature to create a series of cross-promotional ads containing GeoRiot affiliate links that would direct users specifically to his paid products (of which he now had several).

From day one, de Heer saw that by combining GeoRiot's capabilities with AskingPoint's, he had created "the perfect solution."

Immediately after implementing AskingPoint, he noticed a clear spike in daily downloads as well as overall clicks. Where before, de Heer's links averaged 200 - 300 clicks per day, he was now seeing upwards of 1,500 - 2,000 in a single 24-hour period. By integrating their SDK, he was able to create new messages, write rules for how often they appear based on which apps a user had already installed, and even control which users (paid vs. lite) receive his messages. The result of these efforts was a 4x bump in his monthly affiliate earnings.

PowderManiac is a German based snowboard destination on the web. The website includes a plethora of snowboarding related content, including news, a community, reports and reviews of products and programs, a regular newsletter and finally, a listing of songs found in snowboarding soundtracks. This last section is where GeoRiot has teamed with PowderManiac.

The PowderManiac snowboarding soundtracks collection includes hundreds of soundtracks and thousands of songs. Each of these songs is linked up to iTunes, the Amazon MP3 Store and musicload. Using the GeoRiot geo-targeting and redirect service, PowderManiac is able to ensure that international user's clicking on the iTunes links are sent to the right store to buy the intended snowboarding related songs.

While the site is based in Germany, and by default the site is in German, it still sees traffic from around the world. The US and Canada are two of the top five sources of click traffic for PowderManiac and Australia and New Zealand are in the top ten. In fact, PowderManiac sees more traffic from international destinations then it does from it's home country, Germany. By using GeoRiot, PowderManiac insures that all of it's global audience has the best possible user experience when they surf through it's soundtrack library, and this in turn keeps it's users coming back.

Blue Graphene S.L.

Blue Graphene S.L., an app development firm based in Spain, is the creator of 13 iOS apps, including the immensely popular AppFree app discovery iOS app. AppFree has maintained four stars after more then eight thousand ratings and has achieved the number one spot in the Utilities category in 10 countries.

Enrique Santos, the lead developer behind Blue Graphene S.L., came to GeoRiot with a need for "a solution for translating and geolocating iTunes affiliate links" in February of 2011. AppFree had significant international usage but was only using links from the US/LinkShare affiliate program. GeoRiot and Blue Graphene worked together to quickly get GeoRiot implemented into the AppFree app. Now, with the help of GeoRiot, Blue Graphene sees approximately three times the number of commissionable clicks then what was possible with using just a single affiliate program.

Sane Apps

Sane Apps contacted GeoRiot the day before launching their first app on the App Store. A discovery app for the iPad, App Hits hit the store in late February and within six weeks was charting in the top 10 of the App Store's list for top free iPad utilities and in the top 200 iPad apps overall.

As App Hits uses the iTunes and App Store Affiliate Program for a significant portion of revenue it was essential to capitalize on international commissions from the beginning. App Hits sees over 80% of its users coming from countries that have an affiliate program and sees traffic from each of the 22 countries with iTunes and App Store affiliate programs. Every one of these eligible clicks are captured to ensure no lost potential revenue for Sane Apps.

With one smash hit under their belt, Sane Apps is now pouring their efforts into a new iPad game discovery app and working hard to launch a third discovery app in the near future.

Instead of spending countless development hours creating and fine tuning an internal geo-targeting system inside the app, Sane Apps was able to concentrate on building a better app and getting it to market sooner then its competitors. GeoRiot continues to provide the crucial tools to best monetize the affiliate program, keep the App Hits customers happy, and supply the analytics necessary for Sane Apps to make crucial decisions to ensure that their future apps are just as successful.

Ski Movie Music

Ski Movie Music, Rider Tunes and Surfer Tunes are websites that list out the songs, albums and artists that make soundtracks memorable for a huge number of ski, snowboard and surf films. The sites have become the industry standard for extreme sports enthusiasts to discover new music and learn more about the music behind their favorite films.

Just as the sports of skiing, snowboarding and surfing, and the films exploring them, are international so is the traffic to these sites. While the sites are English based, English speaking countries only account for roughly fifty percent of the monthly traffic. Visitors routinely pour in from over 100 countries in order to peruse the soundtrack lists. The site has seen triple digit growth year after year.

Affiliate commissions from music and film sales on iTunes and Amazon are a vital revenue stream for these music discovery websites. Unfortunately, the commissions weren't growing at the same rate as the traffic.

After some concerned research and frustrating email exchanges the problem came into focus. Although the iTunes Store is available in over 20 countries the affiliate links on the websites only generated commissions on sales from the US store. Visitors from other countries that clicked through the site and bought music weren't generating commissions. The deep links originally set up using the iTunes Affiliate Program, through LinkShare, and were only generating revenue on thirty to forty percent of the total traffic. The sites were loosing out on a huge percentage of possible commissions from all the international traffic!

The soundtrack websites now work closely with GeoRiot and use the service for all the affiliate links. As a result commission checks now come rolling in from all over the world every month. The site's traffic is also much more closely correlated with revenue and both of which continue to grow.

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