Improve User Happiness

You have put countless hours into ensuring that your website, app, or digital property offers a great user experience. Your business depends on it, right? But did you know that your links to major e-tailers, like the iTunes Store, the App Store, or Amazon are likely breaking for your international visitors and pointing them to an error? No bueno!

Large international brands often set up digital storefronts by country, and an item in one storefront may have a completely different ID in another storefront. This is done for various reasons: language and currency differences (think English/GBP vs. Spanish and French/EUR), licensing (think digital rights licensing for digital downloads), complex international tax and accounting laws (think Brazil or China), or a combination of these and other factors.

It's important to realize that these country-specific storefronts are optimized for efficient selling to a specific audience. But, a lost sales opportunity (and an unhappy user) is likely when a customer is routed to a foreign storefront.

For example, within any given iTunes storefront, you can make purchases only if your credit card matches that region or country (e.g., a UK credit card can't be used to make a purchase in any other iTunes Store but the UK store).

When you use the GeoRiot service, you ensure that your visitors will have the best possible user experience.

This is because we localize your link for every click to make it work perfectly for each visitor.

When the item they wish to buy is available in their local storefront, and uses the same ID, they are sent there instantly. That's easy. But what frequently happens is that the item is distributed by another company or simply isn't available in that store. This is where GeoRiot's patent pending decay algorithm shines. It always ensures that the visitor is seamlessly delivered to the next best thing. Maybe that's an album when the track isn't available in that country, or to the artist page when the album hasn't yet been released there.

For items where the IDs change, GeoRiot has constantly evolving decay algorithms for each media type so every click from every visitor is sent to the most relevant content in their local storefront and is never shown an error.

There are no busted links, errors, or missed sales opportunities when you use GeoRiot. Get started now to ensure your visitors are happy repeat shoppers.

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