Improve User Happiness

You have put countless hours into ensuring that your website, app, and/or digital property offers a great user experience. Your business depends on it, right? Unfortunately, if you're using raw commerce links, that user experience can drop drastically with just a single click.

Luckily, GeoRiot is specifically built to ensure that your visitors get the best user experience possible any time they go to purchase the items you're promoting. Here's how we do it:

Translate Globally, Send Locally

Your international visitors have come to expect certain things things whenever they purchase products online. Simple things like using an existing account, buying in their local currency, quick shipping options, and reading about the product in their native language.

GeoRiot makes sure that each user gets that special attention. We determine the geographic source of the click, then route the user to the appropriate item in their local online storefront to finish the purchase. They get their shiny new toy, and you get the credit.

Dynamic Destinations

What about items that are available across multiple ecosystems or devices, such as cross-platform apps, books, or music available from different stores? How do you make sure an iPad user gets to the correct game in iTunes, or a Kindle user gets to the correct book in Amazon?

We've got you covered there too. With Genius Links, you can build custom scenarios for every link not just based off of the user's country, but also device, operating system, date, or any combination of the above!

Seamlessly Awesome

We know that speed and reliability are huge when it comes to your link's conversions. Links that are slow to load, error out, or route to the incorrect destination are useless for you and the audience you service. That's why our network includes over 50 servers in 6 different regions around the world to quickly and seamlessly route your traffic as fast as possible.

The entire redirect process, including all dynamic destinations that you've provided, takes place on average in less than 10 milliseconds. Before the user has blinked, they'll be on their way to earning you more money - and they'll be happy about it.

Get started now to ensure your visitors are happy repeat shoppers.

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