Pay With Clicks

At GeoRiot, clicks are our currency, so you never give us a credit card number or receive an invoice. We earn money the way you do - through international affiliate programs. With our Clicks as Currency payment model, most GeoRiot clients double their commissions. Here's how it works.

You assign up to 15% of the clicks we help you earn to GeoRiot. That doesn't include the revenue you're already earning in your base country. You always keep 100% of that. In fact, we go to lengths to help you maximize your affiliate revenue.

Our Clicks As Currency payment model involves Passive Click Share and Active Click Share.

Passive Click Share

We start by earning our clicks where you can't. There are always countries from which you don't see enough traffic to make it worthwhile to go through the affiliate process. Maybe it's Japan or Brazil. We earn our clicks from these countries first, taking 100% of the affiliate revenue. If collectively, those clicks add up to 15% of your total affiliated clicks- and they often do for our clients- you're done. If they don't, Active Click Share kicks in.

Active Click Share

With Active Click Share, we earn clicks from the affiliate programs you've signed up for. So, for example, if your base country is the United States, and you're signed up in Canada, we get a portion of the clicks you earn through the Canadian program. However, we never employ Active Click Share on accounts earning less than 100 clicks in a 24-hour period in order to help you maximize earnings. Again, once a total of 15% (between the passive and active clicks) is reached, you're paid up in full.

Three things make GeoRiot's Pay With Clicks revenue model unique.

First, the entire process is transparent. The GeoRiot dashboard tracks and reports every click. You can see where our clicks are coming from and be sure you're getting the commission you deserve from the programs you've signed up for. We'll even recommend and help you sign up for additional affiliate programs to ensure you're realizing your true global potential.

Second, our revenue model ensures GeoRiot's goals are aligned with yours - to maximize sales by providing the best possible user experience.

Finally, we get paid by the affiliate networks, like you. So, you'll never see a bill for using our service.

With GeoRiot, you're not just getting an online tool, you're getting an affiliate marketing partner at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

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