Every Conversion Starts With a Click.

They say good things come in threes, and GeoRiot is no different. Increase your conversions for your entire audience in three easy steps:

Step one: Create a Universal Link.

GeoRiot's intelligent links are both powerful, and simple to create. Here's how you join the party:
  1. Brand your links with your own domain, or use our geni.us domain to show off your intelligent URLs.*
  2. Customize each link to make it memorable, and click-friendly.
  3. iTunes and Amazon links are automatically globalized and affiliated with no manual work needed.
  4. Use Groups to keep links organized while getting unique insight into the collection or campaign.
  5. Tracking Tags are used to get further insight on your link's performance by adding keywords important to you.
  6. Add a note to let your team know what each link is for, or use as a reminder for yourself.
  7. Create Additional Rules to personalize the user experience and route users differently based on their device, operating system, country, date of click or all of the above.
  8. Retarget your audience based on their interest in your promotions using Facebook, Twitter and Google advertising pixels

Bonus: The fully supported GeoRiot API allows you to build globalized links into your own solution.

*Additional fees may apply for custom domains, contact us for details.

Step two: Promote Your Campaigns.

Once your marketing campaigns and promotions are live, your links go to work. Here's how:

  1. Each click gets routed in the blink of an eye, based off the rules you've created.
  2. iTunes and Amazon links are automatically globalized and affiliated.
  3. If added, tracking pixels are fired to keep track of clicks.
  4. Details about each click are stored in your GeoRiot account for your review.

Step three: Dig Into Insights, Optimize Your Campaigns.

GeoRiot makes it simple to become a marketing genius. Use the dashboard to:
  1. View click trends in near real time.
  2. View EPC and Commissions earned for all iTunes and Amazon affiliate programs in a single dashboard.
  3. View metrics across link, group, tracking tag, device, operating system, referral domain, country, and destination reports.
  4. See commissions, EPC, and relative conversions across all metrics (iTunes only).

Use these insights to see who your audience is, and which links, channels, and campaigns are converting better than others.

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GeoRiot also offers other tools to make your life easier:

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