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Managing Your GeoRiot Account

The GeoRiot dashboard is your interface with the GeoRiot service. From the dashboard you can add or edit groups (this could be an app, website, campaign, tweet, facebook post, etc...), add and manage affiliate tracking parameters, review reports, and manage your account.

The GeoRiot dashboard can be found at Access to the dashboard is provided upon signup with the service.

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Managing Groups (formerly called 'traffic sources')

A group can be used to track your click data coming from different places. For example, it could be one of your apps in the App Store, your website, or a social marketing campaign.

At a minimum your dashboard will have one group as a default. You may add as many groups as you wish, but consider using tracking tags for by-link stats first.

Each group will be associated with a set of affiliate tracking parameters. This allows you the flexibility to use different affiliate program accounts for each traffic source, if you wish. Associating a series of affiliate tracking parameters with a group allows us to properly encode affiliate links so any resulting sales will be credited to your account(s).

The GeoRiot dashboard also allows you to see reporting for multiple groups.

Logged into the GeoRiot dashboard, you can add a group to your account via the "Group Management" page, under the main "Accounts" menu item.

Clicking on "Affiliate" directs you to the page where you can add and edit affiliate tracking parameters for any group.

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Managing Your Affiliate Programs

The "Affiliate" page includes the tool to add affiliate tracking parameters to your GeoRiot account and view all the affiliate tracking parameters you've already added by group.

To add a new country, click on "Add Affiliate Program" in the upper right, below the Group selector. In the form, select the advertiser, affiliate network, and country before pasting your sample affiliate link into the text area.

Note: The GeoRiot service for iTunes is built around the affiliate links that are made with the iTunes Link Maker tool. As a result it's important to use a sample affiliate link, generated from the iTunes Link Maker tool, to add additional tracking parameters to your account.

Information about how to generate an example affiliate link from each of the affiliate networks is available from our affiliate network guides.

Resetting Your Password

While you are assigned a username and password when your account is created you can change your password through the GeoRiot dashboard. This is done by navigating from "Account" to "Change Password."

Passwords are required to be a minimum of five characters in length and may include numbers and special characters.

If you wish to have your username changed please contact us.

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