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There are several GeoRiot link styles: Find/Replace, Quick Build, Search, and (Genius Links). Why more than one? Depending on your website or app when you start integrating with GeoRiot, one of these link styles will be the easiest way for you to convert existing links and build new ones. See Getting Started: Create GeoRiot Enabled Links for additional help choosing a linking format.

Whichever linking format or linking tool you choose, ALL GeoRiot links offer the same benefits.

Find/Replace - This style of link is best when your website or app has existing affiliate links. This link style gets its name from the conversion process-using find/replace. Doing a find and replace is all that's needed to convert your affiliate links into GeoRiot links. (iTunes only)

Quick Build - This style of link is best when you already have a library of raw landing page links and are looking for a programmatic way to convert these links to GeoRiot links. This is also the format outputted when using our custom link building tools for iTunes, such as the Link Maker, Create a Link and Widget tools. If you are using Amazon links or pulling data from iTunes via their API, or plan on storing raw iTunes and Amazon links in your system, this will also be the best link format to use.

Search - This style of link is best when you don't have an existing link for the landing page, but rather have a list of attributes. For example, if you want an affiliate link to iTunes for the band "Pearl Jam" and the song "Jeremy" from the album "Ten" you would use a Search style GeoRiot link. (Currently only iTunes)

Genius Links - Formerly the domain "" and "", "" is our new domain used with GeoRiot's geo-target, translate, and encode service. This tool is found by clicking on "Create a Link" on the "Links" page in the dashboard.

Find/Replace (iTunes only)

The Find/Replace link style is easiest if you have hardcoded affiliate links in your website or app. This style of link is named after the process you use to create one: Find and Replace. A quick find and replace is all that’s needed to convert your existing affiliate links into GeoRiot links.

The first step is to find your TSID (Traffic Source ID.) Note that traffic sources are known as "Groups." This unique value can be found on the "Groups" page inside your GeoRiot dashboard. Then add your TSID to the GeoRiot base URL (shown below). Note: Replace the "5" with your TSID found in the previous step.

Next, you will do a find/replace on existing affiliate links, replacing the affiliate network's base URL with your GeoRiot base URL. The following table shows the text you will find in a link, by affiliate program. Depending on the affiliate program used, you should replace the corresponding text with your GeoRiot base URL.

Affiliate Program Text to Be Replaced
LinkShare (US, MX, CA, JP)
TradeDoubler (EU, BR)
DGM Pro (Old for AU, NZ)

Any EPI and Signature tracking you may have initially used with your original affiliate links can be left alone. GeoRiot will include these tracking strings when it translates the links. See information about tracking affiliate links with GeoRiot.

Example: Converting a US/LinkShare affiliate link for iTunes

An iTunes affiliate link for the US program managed by LinkShare, prior to integrating with GeoRiot, looks like:*gYY/8&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1 %252Fid331012810%253Fi%253D331013723%2526uo%253D4%2526partnerId%253D30

To convert the example above into a GeoRiot link you simply replace the base section of the affiliate URL ( with your GeoRiot base URL ( The converted URL will now look like this:*gYY/8&offerid=146261 &type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826& album%252Fblack%252Fid331012810%253Fi%253D331013723%2526uo%253D4%2526partnerId%253D30

It’s really that easy!

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Quick Build

The Quick Build link style is best if you want a programmatic way to build GeoRiot links from a catalog of raw iTunes or Amazon links.

This approach is best if any of the following are true:

  • you have a database of raw links
  • you programmatically build links
  • you are just getting started

The Quick Build style uses your TSID (found from the "Groups" page in your dashboard) with the base GeoRiot URL (e.g. - With "5" replaced by your TSID), then adds "GR_URL=" with a URL Encoded raw landing page URL attached to the end.

iTunes Example

If your target raw landing page URL is:

URL encoded (see url encoding (aka percent encoding)) it is:

Update the GeoRiot base URL with your TSID:

Add GR_URL=, followed by the encoded version of the raw landing page URL in the previous step to yield the Quick Build style GeoRiot link:

Amazon Example

If your target raw landing page URL is:

URL encoded (see url encoding (aka percent encoding)) it is:

Update the GeoRiot base URL with your TSID:

Add GR_URL=, followed by the encoded version of the raw landing page URL in the previous step to yield the Quick Build style GeoRiot link:

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Search (Currently iTunes only)

The Search link style is typically the best route for your GeoRiot integration when you:

  • don't have an existing affiliate link or you are just getting started
  • don't have a landing page URL
  • do have some information or meta data about the item you wish to link to
  • are building a GeoRiot link to iTunes music (for now, this feature is only available for iTunes and music)

In addition to being an easy link to build, this linking style offers another significant benefit: if iTunes changes the ID of the item you link to, your link will not break and you will not have to update it.

The currently supported parameters include:

Parameter Accepted Values
vendor (mandatory) iTunes
type (mandatory) Music
ArtistName (mandatory) URL encoded text
AlbumName URL encoded text
TrackName URL encoded text

For each of the examples below, you would replace the "{TSID}" string below with your own TSID value. Find your unique TSID value on the "Groups" page in the GeoRiot Dashboard.

1: A link for a user to download the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy," from the album "Ten" from iTunes:{TSID}&vendor=iTunes& type=Music&ArtistName=Pearl+Jam&AlbumName=Ten&TrackName=Jeremy

2: A link for a user to go to the artist page for "Lady Gaga" in iTunes:{TSID}&vendor=iTunes&type=Music&ArtistName=Lady+GaGa

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What's My TSID?

When building a GeoRiot link, you will need your TSID, or Traffic Source ID, to associate the link with your account (so we can add the appropriate affiliate parameters). This numerical value can be found by logging into the GeoRiot dashboard and navigating to the Groups page.

Return to top. is a short link service built on top of GeoRiot's geo-target, translate, and encode service and gets additional reporting functionality via individual performance reports.

While a click on a link will perform just like standard GeoRiot link, the links are significantly shorter (29 characters or fewer) and less cumbersome than traditional affiliate links or GeoRiot links (potentially 260+ characters). We at GeoRiot built to simplify the process of posting geographically-aware links to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. But, links can be used anywhere- in apps, websites, etc.

Using a link instead of encoding a GeoRiot link with a shortening service (E.g.,, will reduce the number of hops, minimizing the time necessary to resolve the URL to it's final destination. based links can be built with the "Create a Link" tool found in the GeoRiot dashboard under Links. Note: iTunes based links can also be built to skip affiliate redirects. links can be tested by forcing the link to resolve for another country by adding /iso2/XX where XX is a valid ISO 2 Country Code. For example will resolve to the German iTunes Store even if you click it from another country. Read more about testing GeoRiot links here.

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